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1. Algorithm Update By Google on Search Console

Google Algorithm Update on Search Console 2021

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This is the latest update in 2021 regarding Search Console.

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On Feb 22, Google announced their latest update.
According to this latest Google Algorithm Update, Search Console had an enhanced menu “Association page” within the Settings menu. It is a bridge between Google Search Console Property and some other Google service property.

The main advantage of associating Console property with other Google service properties is that to grab more functionality. That is Google Search Console can now get more functions through collaboration with other Google service properties.


The Association types that are supported by the Search console are as follows;

  1. Google Analytics

  2. Google Ads

  3. Youtube

  4. Play Console

  5. Action Console

  6. Chrome Webstore


As per the latest Google algorithm update, the above properties can be integrated with Search Console and can get more functions.


Best SEO Analysts & Consultants In Kerala

2. Algorithm Update On Index Coverage Data Improvement

What does Index Coverage Data mean? Any Idea?


In the early days, the Search console focused to help people to understand how the crawling and indexing process was made.


For showing the indexing stage of URL, Google introduced Index Coverage Report.


There were some significant improvements made in the Index Coverage Report. The following are the improvement made in the Index Coverage Report;

  1. Google decided to remove the Generic “Crawl Anomaly” issue type.

  2. They decided to index pages that were submitted but blocked by Robot.txt as a warning “indexed but blocked”

  3. They decided to add a new issue called “indexed without content”

  4. Soft 404 report became more accurate.


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